Saturday, March 8, 2008

The cholas are calling me.........

I have found myself on three separate occasions searching out this very video. It's a scientific observation of the "Chola"; where they can be found, and how you to can baptised in the ways of the Chola. Kidding. Really, it's silly and there is monstrously bad grandma rapping. But that's as good as scientific discovery in my book.

It's amazing when I think about how North Americans get their identity. It almost seems like a caricature of stereotyped ethnic behaviours. But it's hilarious. And I'm not judgin'. If you're a Chola, embrace it :p Pick up that eye liner and rub that shit round those intentionally plumped bare naked lips!

The following video is from

It's a pretty funny site with lots of content, including blog, video, and podcast. The video has cholaless, but nonetheless hilarious fun.