Friday, December 7, 2007

Jebus was white?

Sometimes history is blatantly ignored to suit our current needs. The subject line refers to some KKK members who bare signs saying, "Jesus was white". Implying that we come from Jesus, and they only love whitie, so Jesus MUST have been white!

My mother is heavily religious. She believes everyone will go to hell unless they believe what she does. She also very much believes in the devil. We give authority to him by doing sinful things. For example, if I were to watch a horror movie with Satan in it, I would be giving him authority to affect me negatively. Anyone who does not believe what she does is hindering God and is in darkness.

So then, what the fuck is up with HER Pagan Christmas tree? She celebrates so many traditions deeply rooted in things she hates so much. If I should not pierce myself because it has a history in marking slaves, than why does she organize Easter egg hunts? Why isn't she cursed from the devil?

Everything we do comes from somewhere. Enjoy yourself, and keep it to yourself :)

Goodnight :p