Monday, December 3, 2007

A snowfall of paramount importance

So, as I stated in my last post, I've taken some time recently to reflect on my current situation.

Life has been increasingly hectic over the last few weeks. Between appointments, work, activity groups and social events our "pleasant country life" has become one long car ride in and out of the capital. Being the only one in the relationship with daily ties to the city - the blame can be laid squarely on my shoulders. This wouldn't be such a burden to me since I work and bring in a modest paycheck...

But here's the kicker - with the amount of money spent on the hotel's monthly rent and the money we spend on gas getting too and from the city each day (since the dogs are kept at the compound and must be tended to daily)...we actually end up paying for me to go to work!

Isn't that insane?

This is something we have known for a while now and discussed in detail.
But if I quit my job we would no longer be able to afford the hotel on just Karloff's paycheck. Of course, with no ties to work in the city I could just move out to the compound and my daughter could change schools in the new year to go to the school with May & Karloff's son. I mean, really, we intend on getting married next fall, so at the latest I would be moving then, anyway.

We had already spoken about how long I would stay with my company before I returned to school. It was only a matter of months before I planned on leaving in pursuit of better things. *Cute, tiny, better little things*

And of course, my company isn't great at keeping my schedule and work site consistant! They're always changing my hours and shipping me off to a new site in need of competent administration with a few hours notice at most! It's mentally exhausting and, frankly, it demoralizing! As soon as I get to know the ins and outs of the building and develope a repore with the staff and tenants, I get sent on to the next building at the other end of the and I get a two hour pay cut! And this is not just once or twice. No. 5 times. 5 times in the last 6 months!

What the fuck is that? I mean, really? What the fuck?

Life was becoming difficult.

But today put a stop to that. The day started off just like any other day waking up at the compound. The alarm went off at 6:30am and I reset the time, giving myself another 30 minutes of sweet precious sleep. When it went off again, I rolled over and did my best to arouse Karloff's interest (which he was more than willing to give) while May got a few more well deserved minutes of rest. Well, that was the theory, anyway. May wasn't really able to sleep through it (I've always been rather loud) but in the end we were all very happy if not necessarily ready to go to work.

We smoked a quick joint and I magicked myself into some clothes. While I was completing the various ritual sacrifices and spells to perform such a task (ie. getting myself ready in the morning), Karloff was off in the livingroom tending to the house fire (our large, constantly blazing fireplace that warms the compound). May & I were chatting in the bedroom when from the other room we heard her son's ominous four-year-old voice call out, "Oh-oh! You're going to be sorry for that!" Followed by Karloff's not so enthusiastic "I already am". We waited for him to come to us in the bedroom before we asked what was wrong. It seems he had been putting more wood in the fireplace but had closed the door a little too hard on one of the pieces of wood which had in turn broken the glass pane. It was unfortunate, but an accident and by no means anything to be upset over. We worked out the details of getting it fixed, then May & I were off - on to the capital at top speed in order to make it to my office on time!

Here's where things got tricky! Damn those canadian winters!

The car was completely stuck. May called the neighbour who agreed to help us out. He was out of town and would be a while getting back, so I went inside and called my work to let them know I would be late. We smoked another joint and waited for another two hours before we were able to get out. Shortly into our ride May & I passed a van being pulled out from a snow filled ditch. We laughed about how we should get out and take a picture to send to my boss with a message that I wouldn't be in today! But as we drove further and further away from the van the speed of the car got slower and slower as May & I really wondered if we could get away with it.

May drove at 23mph down the road for a while trying to convince me that this "could totally work, baby!" We formulated a plan ("no, we have to get out! we can't take a picture of "our car" from inside another'll look fake!") we got turned around and I got my phone/camera out...only to find that the van had been pulled free of the snow! damnit.

We were still headed back in the direction of the compound but now I had no excuse to stay home from work! I tried for a while to convince May to put us in a ditch "only just a little", but she said something about insurance, her car and CAA. Not being a driver, I had no idea what she was talking about. Certified Anglican Accountants?

So we drove back to the capital talking about how much it really sucked that this had to continue for so long and why did I have to wait to quit anyway. There was only one reason to keep that job and it involves two words I still find myself afraid to write in the public view. (Eternity Steve!)

Big brother could be watching....

Along the way I called Karloff and asked him how he felt about me quitting, and what started off as a joke became a serious discussion. I found myself composing my resignation letter in the back of May's datebook as we sped along the highway. I called the superintendant of my building and asked him about their sublet policy.

Then I called and dropped the big bomb on Gamera -

I'm moving out of town and you'll never see your grandchild again you horrible fiend!!!!

At least, I think that's how she took it. My mother & I have many an issue and I'm sure this one is only just starting, but don't worry, I'll keep you all posted. ;p

So we stopped by the hotel to speak to the landlord then headed into the office to type and hand in my resignation. My boss was disappointed, but not surprised. She knew the problems I was having getting in and out of town and she knew how I felt about my site changes. I told her I would be in until Friday (but not today), but she said she knew the weather would only be getting worse so if I can't come in it was okay. I gave her the keys and told her I'd try to make it in tomorrow but that she should call if they didn't *need* me.

We picked up some chicken for diner then headed to the hotel to smoke some more joints and pick up a few things. I saw a friend of mine who I hadn't seen in a while and we caught up for a bit then May & I headed back to the compound. This morning while waiting for the neighbour, May had cut down a Yule tree to put up in the house. When we got back to the compound we started putting the lights up on the tree.

It's not done yet and we have nothing but a star for the top right now...but it's still beautiful. We'll keep going when I'm done this joint / post.

Karloff's checking his mail and it looks grim...shaky hands and phone calls fill the air...