Sunday, October 21, 2007

random acts

The process of consumption that lead up to this blog finally being launched has also bludgeoned my brain into a fine jelly, from which no proper posting could escape alive*.

That said, I feel like the incident today, the motivator for getting this done, should be recorded. As far as my viewpoint allowed, it started briefly after it was suggested to me that I should pay attention to a specific piece of music. (The phrasing might have been "it sounds hawaiian".) A motorbike, mounted by a couple, flew over the back bumper of a gray four-door pulling quickly into the parking lot of a (chicken place?). I distinctly remember there being some sliding. We offered some assistance, but ours was just one cellphone in the flock. Leather came through, and no one seemed seriously injured.

We pressed on and found some ice cream.

*I'll probably delete this when I'm sober.