Sunday, October 28, 2007

not a mormon.

dear friendly crusader,

Why must your lifestyle be king? And even if you believed so, why must I do the same? I help those I can and live with high moral standards just like you. Can't we keep our views on eternity to ourselves. Why do you have to fear? Why do you question with only the desire to spread your own dogma. You have no desire to hear. You only flee with fear. Quick to judge and hand out sentence.

Why ask me how this makes you feel? I was once one of you. I know how you feel. I am the one who sought for a different way. I am the shunned. But I will not live this life restricted based on social or religious habits. And I find peace and joy in all I do knowing that.

I just thought you would have enough respect for me as a human-fucking-being to trust me. Are my acts not example enough of my worthiness. Philosophy should not change our affection for each other. We are the same. The highest of hopes for family life, children, and the world. Have I not always strived to be the informed advocate?

You say you have a hard time understanding why I live how I do? You've never heard of it before? Well, I've heard of your way. Known it intimately. And I actively choose to discard it. I believe it harmful to the human race. But you don't see me lunging long winded ignorant bullshit at you. We have free will and I'm choosing it. Sorry if it scares you, but your lack of relevant questions, or want of understanding, disappoints me, but I'm not surpised.

Why do those who profess love and tolerance have the hardest time expressing it? Why not perform the job you asked for.

Your friendly polyfidelitous atheist,