Thursday, November 22, 2007

Big Questions On Big Days

Take #4 on this post:

We awoke under a blanket of snow, the first blizzard of the year making the world look like it had been redecorated by Tony Montana.

May and I have been discussing things for a while, but somehow this morning seemed different, the world had changed slightly. It would be easy to quote that ornery gunslinger with the missing fingers and say the world had moved on, but I've never really bought into the finality that winter is supposed to represent. Maybe it's just where I grew up, but going into the woods after a snow fall, the trees always seemed more alive while straining against their icy holdings - you see tracks everywhere, the hopping paths of birds, the big footed snuffling of rabbits, deer, foxes.. suddenly the evidence of passage stands clear.

Its easy for my brain to hide in the day to day static, and not consider the larger matters, but today is a day for beginnings, a day to mark our path as we've come, and to look to where we're going. And to ask some very large* questions.

Opopanax, how we adore you.

Wish us luck!

* and not necessarily legal in this country

Addendum: She said yes!