Sunday, February 17, 2008

But I Wanna Hate Nazis!

I was reading the comments on Karloff's Indiana Jones post and although I have to admit I want to believe too....I'm a little disappointed with the lack of Nazis in the film.

Sure the soviets are cool bad guys....but why can't we hate on the nazis anymore?

Just look at the new Lego Indiana Jones game! They've decided to wipe out any reference to Nazis and replace them with an "anonymous genocidal, occultist, trenchcoat-wearing master-race." What really bugs me, though, is that the lego game is supposed to be reminiscent of the lego starwars games (ie. a lego recap of the three movies). Now, I ask you can you recap the Indy movies without Nazis?!

Well, I know I can sleep better at night knowing that I haven't had to think about *real* bad guys today (?!wtf?!)

Anyone remember the Metal Slug games? Sure, they were a no-name brand evil regime...but everyone knew who they really were! NAZIS! (Okay, so the boss guy was a little "Saddam-esque"...but the rest of them basically just stepped right out of the Third Reich!)

Remember when it was accepted? When it was funny to make an anti-Nazi joke? You can't get much cooler than the Blues Brothers...and they hate Illinois Nazis!

So really, what's the world coming to when you can't even hate Nazis?

PS: If I get any flames about being anti-nazi I'll puke