Monday, February 18, 2008

Ontario's First Family Day

Today in Ontario we had our first ever Family Day. We do not have nearly enough statutory holidays lol.

What does one do on this Family Day? We incorporated some of the kids favorite things. We started it off with lunch from McDonald's. What is it with kids and McDonald's. I'm not completely sold that it is because of the accompanying toy because after five minutes it's forgotten.

After lunch we headed outside for a winter fire, lovingly set ablaze by yours truly. Kids didn't pay much attention at first. Sledding down hills of snow left by the plowman peeked their interest more. But after a while they would run up to the adults warming by the fire to do the same. And then off they were again, squealing and giggling. Every so often hearing one trying to convince the other, once and for all, that they are indeed the queen or king of the castle :p

Once getting off our zillions of layers and damp boots, we started the kettle for hot chocolate and prepared a craft. They were cute little window sun catchers. I painted a Cardinal :)

After a supper of my (becoming) famous cheesy spaghetti the kids got back to their business and we to ours. I, working on the Molly Nix theme, found it very frustrating I couldn't get the sound quality right for your all. But that's news for another day.

First Family Day down, can't wait for the next. But honestly, that's what our days look like our here on the Compound. I hope they are always this happy.