Sunday, January 27, 2008

Compound Breach

Brother and JLou (his fabulous lady) came out to the Compound this weekend. JLou just that night picked up her Wii! The most hilarious fun was watching both her and Brother punching rapidly and violently in the air, their arms slowly descending, fighting that deep urge to release their arms from the torment of rabid punchie punchie. JLou's short layered hair whipping back and forth in desperation. Maybe an hour of kick boxing before intense Wii play isn't such a good idea, but she still was able to beat brother half the time.

The following morning Brother, JLou and I were sitting around as he was playing my guitar. We started reminiscing about our old silly songs and video's we used to make together. In that spirit, he began playing guitar in several styles; classic Spanish guitar, bluegrass etc as we took turns adding verses and harmonizing with each other. The sound intense, but the subject ridiculous and dirty. So. Much. Fun!

We all piled in the car to drive them back to city later in the day. Brother treated us to some lovely sandwiches which even included a garlic thyme mayonnaise he prepared himself.

Jealous? You should be :)