Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Exciting news!!!

As you may have been aware, our little tribe has been making attempts to add another member. And finally, Opopanax is pregnant!! Our little muffin will be born on August 3rd, the day before her birthday :) How perfect is that?

Though she is entering her second trimester, there isn't much baby bump at all. Geeze. I thought second babies were suppose to show faster. But we can be patient. Speaking of patience, Karloff and Opopanax want to wait to know what the sex is. Crazy talk I say, but because I am extremely selfless, I can patiently wait too. And by patiently wait, I mean bug them only every OTHER day about finding out. It's not that they don't want to, it's that they are unaware of their want to know. And all I must do is convince them that I know best. Because I always do the end.


In all seriousness though, we do have one child of each sex, both 5, so whatever the luck of the draw deals us, we will be so flippin' happy. But since I know everything, it's a boy.

At Opopanax's doctor's appointment today she told her of our polyfidelitous lifestyle. The doctor was incredibly supportive and was very happy for us all because we seemed so happy. See, some people think more closed minded people live in the country. But for us, the opposite seems true. We have never been better looked after and more empathized with. We really feel a sense of community support here.

I'm really excited for Opopanax pregnancy. She has always worked her ass off to care for her child and now that we are together and she can stay home, it will be a wonderful time for her to just enjoy being pregnant.

We have other worries we will share with you soon that have been weighing heavily on us, but today is a day for celebration.

P.S. Opopanax is concerned that the Compoundian's will think that the baby picture at the top of this post is our baby. When in actual fact I just did a Google search to find a birthday baby, tying together both baby and its close proximity to her birthday. She also wants me to assure you that are children are super way cuter :P