Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Din Din at Ma's and respect, just a little bit.

So, ever since that bombed dropped, my mother and stepfather have been seeing us a lot. They showed up on our doorstep the other day. They decided that it was best that if they were going to suffer, we should be witnessed to the devastation.

And you know me, I'm all ABOUT empathy! Even as a Correctional Officer I never judged anyone who came to me. But to tell me your life is over, that everything you ever believed true is all now a lie. All because your daughter tells you something that you already KNEW?!

So, the units came over and we sat and had tea. After moments of head shaking, something would come spewing out of my mothers mouth. Hateful things, crazy things. She diagnosed us as a antisocial relationship experiment out in the woods. Even our children mean nothing to us. I wish people told me why I do what I do long before now. WHAT would I have done without her insight? She sees me once a month for supper, her diagnosis surely trumps my own.

So, after about an hour and a half of her ranting, she invites us for dinner the following night. Sounds like fun! hehe. So we went.. figured that more visits would show them how it works. Information, don't ya know, is the key to understanding. So we show up. Mom made what she thought everyone would hate, or at least most of us. Spite. But everyone thought it was most delicious :P. My stepfather was upstairs mostly. He sulks much more in a familiar place. That's why Brother and I like taking them out.

I don't know what their plan is. They don't really have one I would presume. Other than to cry to each other about how disappointing this all is. My Uncle suggested that I find a support group for her because surely in time she will understand how wonderful this is. When I asked her she said she didn't want to tell anyone because she was ashamed. Really, I don't know how people who think they have it all together would let anything in their lives destroy them so whole heartily. They are devote Christians and very well known in tight high ranking Christy circles. Doesn't that mean that they have a certain amount figured out?

Nope :p

Oh, did I tell you that Karloff WORKS for them? Doesn't it only get better the more I tell you?! :)

Seriously though, nothing could change my mind. Not due to stubbornness or blindness, it's the pure joy I feel when I am with my loved ones. It works better than I could have imagined and trust me, we talked about this situation long before we got ourselves into it. Just because someone wants to yell uneducated bullshit at my face won't change the truth. This is a subject that isn't well known and upon hearing it, some people get very defensive. I am not asking people to live this life, only to better understand it. There are billions of choices out there and just because our neighbour does it one way does not make it the right one for you. I just want respect.