Monday, January 21, 2008

May's Melolagnia

Installment One: PJ Dreams

One thing you would rapidly learn about me is my love of music. All sorts. I also love playing music. But I'm afflicted with this severe disdain for anything I produce. My emotion for the music and my desire for perfection makes it very hard for me to be objective. I want to do it and well, immediately. I do have some natural ability and training in singing, but I'm a-scared.

Karloff for YEARS has encouraged me to get back to the craft ever since I quit what little of the scene I was a part of for the birth of mini Karloff. I need to sit down, write some damn music and get out there and make some money. :) But it's been so long.

So! I have decided to post some stuff here. I'm getting my recording gear together and then it will be straight to your ears. And then hopefully I can get some feed back from the Compoundian's that will help me on my journey.

Whether or not music is recorded, I will have something posted, hopefully some audio, every week of my grand adventures. There is much to be relearned and it may just plain stink I warn you. Nevertheless, it will be entertaining :)

May's Song of the Week: Jeff Buckley's Satisfied Mind