Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dr. Phil hurts me on the inside.

I was looking online today, searching through some blogs to find some relevant links for Pax. I did a search for polyfidelity. I found some really good articles and first hand accounts of the lifestyle. And then... I saw a post about polyfidelity and Dr. Phil. He did a show which included a mention of polyfidelity. No kidding? I thought. Dr. Phil is taking the word to the streets? Geeze, with coverage like that, we might really get some awareness out there and break the taboo. I had these hopes, until I read portions of the transcript.

This dude was trying to convince the wife who he was having an affair on, to allow his mistress into their relationship. Dr. Phil apparently said that according to the 'Dr. Phil Dictionary', Polyfidelity meant cheating. WHA??

That's a BAD Dr. Phil! Surely he knows the definition of Polyfidelity?! Why would he knowingly misinform the public? If I hate anything, it's disguising opinion for fact, ESPECIALLY when you have a national audience hanging of your every word and you know better.

That's it. He's dead to me. Just WAIT until he finds out.