Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pax Fanum

Despite the current craziness in our lives I have somehow found the time to begin a new pagan sister-blog for this site.

Pax Fanum is a new blog I've begun and can be found on Blog of Shadows (or in our link list). It will feature some of my more wiccan musings (of which I have chosen to leave out of Pax Compoundia). I urge anyone with interest or questions to check it out, regardless of faith or creed.

*I'm just hoping not to receive any flames*

I know I don't write a whole lot of posts on this blog anyway, but I'm sincerely hoping that this won't affect my posting frequency. Besides, I think Karloff & May would kick my ass if it did! ;p

Anyway....all are welcome to Pax Fanum.

Blessesd Be.